“There was a time when the world was a song and the song was exciting.”

By Dr. Ruth A. Wilson

“Almost all of my favorite memories from childhood relate to experiences with the natural world-watching and catching minnows and tadpoles, making corn husk dolls with shiny corn silk hair, picking cherries and plums from the trees in our yard, watching daffodils unfold in early spring, and rejoicing in the sweet scent of the lilacs that grew near our house. Such experiences filled my world with song, and I remember being swept away in a joyful childhood dance.”

“Today, I miss the music, the dance, and the enchantment of childhood. “Earth song” has been replaced by the noise of traffic, and daily life feels more like a race than a dance. The enchantment of knowing the world as a song is a treasured memory – a memory that still adds joy to my life. This memory, however, also brings a touch of sadness, because I feel that over the years to adulthood, I’ve truly lost something special along the way. This “something special” is a way of knowing the natural world as a place of beauty and mystery. While I still maintain the belief that the world is full of mystery and wonder, my way of knowing it as such is not as direct and experiential.”

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