“This is the story of Gerald McCloy
and the strange thing that happened to that little boy51kkweg58hl_sl500_aa280_-2
They say it all happened when Gerald was two
that’s the age most kids start talking..
well at least most of them do
When he started talking
you know what he said
He didn’t talk words
he went Boing! Boing! instead”

Gerald McBoing Boing tells the story of a small boy who images-2when he first tries to talk can only utter sound effects like ‘Boing! Boing! His parents are shocked and call in a doctor who says he has no cure for the noises.

Gerald soon goes to school but is sent home because he goes ‘Cuckoo! He is rejected by the other kids because of the sounds he makes and his parents are annoyed so he runs away from home in despair.

He then comes across the head of kjh-2the ‘Bong! Bong! Bong! radio station who hires Gerald as his entire sound effects department. Gerald parents are now proud of him, and he becomes rich and famous because he doesn’t speak words, he goes ‘Boing! Boing! instead.

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