“Dr. Seuss is the king and genius of phonemic awareness.”

What is Phonemic Awareness?

Phonemic awareness is:

The ability to hear the individual parts of words, separate the parts, put them back together and then change them to make new words

It is a strong indicator of reading success (once you add print, it become phonics),Usually developed naturally through reading rhyming books, singing songs, and chanting nursery rhymes.It is usually secure by the end of first grade.

A student with developed phonemic awareness can:

Enjoy language and play with its sounds

Understand that what we speak can be divided into
individual words-concept of word

Break words into syllables (parts/chunks)

Provide rhyming words, find the words that rhyme

Segment words into their individual phonemes (sounds) cat
becomes /c/ /a/ /t/

Blend individual phonemes (sounds) into words: /d/ /o/ /g/
becomes dog

Identify the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words

Match words with the same beginning sound

Change beginning or ending sounds orally to make new word.

Phonemic awareness has nothing to do with intelligence, but children without it will have a difficult if not impossible time learning the sound-spelling correspondences (phonics).

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