The Cat in animation4rthe Hat, was written by Dr. Seuss in 1957. The story is of two children and there cynical talking goldfish who are left alone in the house when their parents leave. It is raining so the kids are left inside with nothing to do. The Cat in the Hat comes along with thing one and thing two and proceeds to try to entertain the children with a large amount of chaos resulting.eu847617-2

The book itself is considered an impressive feat of skill as Dr.Seuss editor required him to use a list of ghywords no longer than 223 words, but he decided to write the book because he felt there were not enough entertaining stories being used to teach children.

The Cat in the Hat (as well as other Dr Seuss books) can be read in many different ways and thereby create a new reading experience. There are countless ways it could be read just with a change of emphasis on particular words and phrases or a change of pace, tone or pitch.The Cat in the Hat is not only one story,but instead an infinite number of stories.

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  1. I love dr seuss …i´m thing 1 and i´m his #1 fan

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