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You think you’ve got it bad? asks Dr. Seuss. Consider then Gucky Gown or the Green-bearded Schlottz or the Brothers Ba-zoo, who all are “muchly much-much more unlucky than you!” Believe it; Dr. Seuss introduces a whole company of unluckies–from humans to Irish ducks to left socks–all in shimmeringly hapless circumstances.

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  1. i love Dr.Suess books ,my faviorate one your only old once. i like it because it is so funny. who hasnt heard of Dr.Suess.if you havent then i think you need to tie your shoe laces cuase your tripping.

  2. I love Dr.Suess, so much.
    his word give me a push like a kiss. his words blow my mind like time tipping on the dime even though no one look like they dont support a good artist.

    love ya,

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