Dr. Seuss Book “Oh Say Can You Say” is loaded with 24 funny tongue twisters…it is fun to watch the video but can be more fun when you try to say some !…lets try the ones below:

If your daddy’s name is Jim
and if Jim swims and if Jim’s slim,
the perfect Christmas gift for him
is a set of Slim Jim Swim Fins.

But if your daddy’s name is Dwight
and he likes to look at birds at night,
the gift for Dwight that might be right
is a Bright Dwight Bird-Flight
Night-Sight Light.

But Never Give Your Daddy a Walrus
A walrus with whiskers
is not a good pet.
And a walrus which whispers
is worse even yet.
When a walrus lisps whispers
through tough rough wet whiskers,
your poor daddy’s ear
will get blispers and bliskers.

4 Responses

  1. Patooey! MY TOUGUE IS LITERALLY TWISTED btw i have all the books but i gave them to my sisters kids

  2. And I am happy to know, that apparantly I can speak articulately enough to do these with ease! I was curious to find out, because I am thinking about pursuing a career in voice acting. I am a musician, but that does not pay the bills, and Alas, White Hen and 711 cannot be supplying my wage forever. So.. yay.

  3. haha. Dwight and Jim like in the Office tv show. i wonder if this is where they got it

  4. blawahh! slow down on that! u already made my tonge twist! hahahah!

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