“O is very useful.
You use it when you say:
Oscar’s only ostrich oiled an orange owl today.”

Dr. Seuss, faithful to his mission of writing books for beginning readers entertainingly and effectively 000aec48delivers the educational goods — in this case, the alphabet. The letters each take a turn in the spotlight and then are wedded to a few well-chosen words that convey the Seuss worldview of the high humor to be found in mental play: “Many mumbling mice are making midnight music in the moonlight … mighty nice.”

In 1950,Dr. Seuss wrote a book from memories when young at the zoo his father managed. “It’s a pretty good zoo,” said young Gerald McGrew, “and the fellow who runs it seems proud of it, too.” But if Gerald ran the zoo, the New Zoo, McGrew Zoo, he’d see to making a change or two: “So I’d open each cage. I’d unlock every pen, let the animals go, and start over again.” And that’s just what Gerald imagines, as he travels theaaaaajrp4hsaaaaaahfj5a world in this playfully illustrated Dr. Seuss classic book,collecting all sorts of beasts “that you don’t see every day.” From the mountains of Zomba-ma-Tant to the blistering sands of the Desert of Zind, Gerald hunts down every animal imaginable (“I’ll catch ’em in countries no one can spell, like the country of Motta-fa-Potta-fa-Pell”). Whether it’s a scraggle-foot Mulligatawny or a wild-haired Iota (from “the far western part of south-east North Dakota”), Gerald amazes the world with his new and improved zoo: “This Zoo Keeper, New Keeper’s simply astounding! He travels so far that you think he would drop! When do you suppose this young fellow will stop?”

His next popular book was the famous “Cat in the Hat”.The book itself is considered an impressive feat of skill as Dr.Seuss editor required him to use a list of ghywords no longer than 223 words, but he decided to write the book because he felt there were not enough entertaining stories being used to teach children.

The Cat in the Hat (as well as other Dr Seuss books) can be read in many different ways and thereby create a new reading experience. There are countless ways it could be read just with a change of emphasis on particular words and phrases or a change of pace, tone or pitch.The Cat in the Hat is not only one story,but instead an infinite number of stories.