Starting in 1998, Random House has been releasing books in a book series titled “The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library.” In each book, the Cat in the Hat, along with Thing 1 and Thing 2, shows up and teaches Dick and Sally the many things the book’s topic covers. There are even side notes that are narrated by Thing 1 and Thing 2. In the book Clam-I-Am, the Cat in the Hat takes a break, and Dick and Sally’s beloved pet, Norval the Fish along with the Cat in the Hat and the Things, teaches the children about life at the beach.

At the end of each book, after the Cat in the Hat’s teaching is done, there is a glossary on some of the words used, an index, and a list of suggested books, from other publishers, that cover the topic each book covered. There are 17 books listed below:

1. A Whale Of A Tale! All About Porpoises, Dolphins, And Whales

2. Clam – I – Am! All About The Beach

3. Fine Feathered Friends

4. I Can Name 50 Trees Today! All About Trees

5. If I Ran The Rain Forest All About Tropical Rain Forests

6. Inside Your Outside! All About The Human Body

7. My, Oh My – A Butterfly! All About Butterflies

8. Oh Can You Seed?

9. Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-Saur?: All About Dinosaurs

10. Oh Say Can You Say What’s The Weather Today? All About Weather

11. Oh The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You!

12. Oh, The Pets You Can Get! All About Our Animal Friends

13. On Beyond Bugs! All Abut Insects

14. One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent, New Cent All About Money

15. There ‘s a Map on My Lap!

16. There’s No Place Like Space!

17. Wish For A Fish All About Sea Creatures