Halloween has fallen upon Whoville and that can onlygrinchshifty mean one thing: Grinch Night! The sinister Grinch and his wagon of unspeakable horrors are on hallow-grinch-night-ctheir way down from Mt. Crumpet and all the Whos are barring their doors and shutting their windows…all except for one. Little Ukaraiah isn’t afraid of the Grinch and he’s willing to brave the Grinch’s horror show in order to keep him occupied until Halloween is over.

It was a mighty gorgeous sunset,

It was a truly beautiful sight.

All the house tops of Who-Ville glowing bright in the changing light.

All the Whos who lived here in Who-Ville paused and smiled as the sun sank down.

And the purple shadow of mount. Crumpit crept ‘cross the farmlands beyond the town.

It was a mighty peaceful sunset…

Until old Josiah happen to sniff.

And he whispered to his wife:

“Mariah will you also take a whiff?”

And Josiah and Mariah doubled-sniff.

And they said: “I wonder if…”

But they really didn’t wonder they knew it was terribly true.

They knew that the Sour-sweet Wind was coming back and what the Sour-sweet Wind will do.

“Always starts when that wind begins a-howlin’.

Sour-sweet Wind across the tree stumps on the wrong side of punker’s pond.

When that wind wakes up the greegrumps

From their sleep inside the tree stumps.

And all the greegrumps started a-growlin’

And that growlin’ and that howlin’

Runkles grunkles up the pond”

Josiah explained.

’Cause when old punker’s gets runkle-grunkled…

By that howlin’ and that growlin’

That always disturbs the Hakken-Kracks

And the Hakken-Kacks start a-yowlin’.

And the yowlin’ of the Hakken-Kacks pulse that runklin’-grunklin’,

Howlin’-growlin’, always irritates the Grinch.

And than, that Grinch starts in a-prowlin’”