. Mulberry Street opens with a young lad, Marco, on his way home from school-

When I leave home to walk to school,

Dad always says to me,

“Marco, keep your eyelids up

And see what you can see.”

But when I tell him where I’ve been

And what I think I’ve seen,

He looks at me and sternly says,

“Your eyesight’s much too keen.

“Stop telling such outlandish tales.

Stop turning minnows into whales.”

Now, what can I say

When I get home today?

“…And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street” was the 1st childrens book by Dr. Seuss. It was, and still is a smashing success, but it was not so easily sold. The following paragraph shows the starting sentences that were joted down that would evolve into the classic.

“A stupid horse and wagon…horse and chariot…chariot pulled by flying cat…flying cat pulling Viking ship…Viking ship sailing up a volcano…Volcano blowing hearts and diamonds & clubs…I saw a giant eight miles tall…who took the cards 52 in all…And this is a story that no one can beat…I saw it all happen on Mulberry Street.”

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  1. this is one of my favorite poems ever!!

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