There are many children who can write poems like Dr.Seuss…are you one of them ??…Then share your poem with us in a comment box below…don’t forget to put Dr.in front of your first name.

Source: Third Grade Stars

By Dr.Elijah

Hi, my name is Puzzy.
I am very fuzzy.
I am a Trumple
And I like to ride my drumple.
I live in a town called Tuffle.
I like to play the game of Duffle.
I like to eat pears.
I like stuffed bears.
I have a small nose.
I like to wear hose.


I have a pet named Din.
He likes to sit in a tin.
He lives in town named Mound.
He gets his pets from the pound.
He has a shell.
It has a bad smell.
He has a story to tell.
And words he must spell.

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  1. Dr.Suess is Dr.Suess not to be confused with the Spanish name jesus. He is a marvelous great man that writes good poetry with his bare hand. I love every word, poem, and all his quotes, especially when I’m eating my delicious cereal oats. In the morning, during the day, and also at night , I read his famous most wonderful work with delight.:)

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